Wedding Photography

Visit to Three Lakes, Ware

We get to see a lot of weddings, more so than the usual person and unlike most people, we’re always looking for the new and unusual.

As we travel the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire countryside we get to reflect on the different ideas which are picked up on for weddings and they all hold a certain romance for the bride and groom.

Having seen different styles of weddings, receptions and evening themes we thought putting some of the best we’ve seen and other ideas too into one story to give you some ideas you might like to add your spin to.

This list will be added to in the coming weeks and months, so keep returning for more interesting themes and concepts for your big day.

Tip 1

Although it’s cold and wet now, an interesting and unique centrepiece is to make small cactus pots for the tables, the children won’t ruin them and as their near impossible to kill, they are great gifts for guests to take away afterwards.

Tip 2

To carry your loved ones down the aisle with you is truly special, especially if they can’t be with you. Make small charms which can be included in your bouquet, mum, dad, grandparents or even your friends. What a special way to celebrate love!

Tip 3

As a playful alternative to flowers, make a bouquet using toys, buttons or other brightly coloured trinkets, it’s sure to create a wow when your guests see it and a great conversation point.
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Tip 4

For a rustic-themed wedding, ditch the vases and display flowers in old tree logs. This unique touch will add an earthy vibe to your reception.
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Tip 5

If you happen to live near the beach or spend any time there you’re bound to find driftwood and it makes a great centrepiece, especially incorporating your flowers and floral elements.
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Tip 6

Instead of flowers, have your groomsmen don these playful buttonholes to add a layer of whimsy to the ceremony. They’re very different from the normal flowers.
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Tip 7

Giant paper flowers are an easy (relatively easy once you’ve done one) way to create some stunningly beautiful displays for relatively little investment other than time. Make a day of it and get some friends and have some creative fun and produce something really unique.
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Tip 8

Customize your wedding day program with illustrations of the leading cast of characters. It will be a great memento to frame after the big day.

Tip 9

Instead of bouquets, have your bridesmaids carry these gilded lanterns filled with a variety of air plants.
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