What we do, and why we do it.

Planting Trees for the Future

Taking beautiful pictures can’t be everything we do, there’s got to be an element of looking to the future and we want to leave a lasting legacy. Wedding photography is the greatest legacy work, it’ll be viewed for years and generations to come but we all need to do more.

We’ve teamed up with ecologi.com to help leave more than just images. It’s a promise we’re giving to all our clients, we’ll plant trees for each project that we take on, be that a canvas or a full day’s wedding, and even the biggest commercial project. 

Protecting the environment for the future

All projects are different and values of these projects change but our committment to giving back never ceases.

We’ll give trees to all our projects however small. Simply book us for Photography, Drone, Film production or even any of our other services and we’ll give back to the planet and you can see your contribution grow in our “forest”.

See what we’re already done here….  https://ecologi.com/thetfordphotography


You business with use, whether that be a commercial project, a wedding or even a print will all help us support our partners to grow more trees around the world.

We give all our wedding couples a minimum of 25 trees, in their name to celebrate their day. Each couple will get a small plantation of trees,

somewhere on the planet, usually in a developing country funded through their big day. You can look in on their trees and see where they’ve been planted and get updates via the Thetford Photography Forest.

All this at no extra charge, simply book a job with us and we do all the rest for you, FREE OF CHARGE.

CO2 reduction and reforestation project in Africa
CO2 reduction and reforestation project in Africa

Regardless of the size of your gifted trees contribution,

you can be confident you’re helping reduce CO2, combatting deforestation and giving employment to local people.

All at no effort or cost to yourself, just trust us to do great work and let you feel good while we’re doing it.

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