The unique way to photograph the family and make some unique wall art to treasure.

Introducing THE BOX, the new and unique way to capture your family! THE BOX is exactly that, a giant box that you can climb in and relax! The kids get to cut some shapes and have fun!

The images produced speak for themselves, the framed montage wall art can be studied and looked at for hours and still you will find something new to see!

We were the first Studio in the Thetford area to offer THE BOX and our experience shows! So if you would like a unique piece of wall art for your home then please give the Studio a call!

A session is THE BOX is charged at £50 at our Thetford payable on booking (no prints included). The BOX is not suitable for newborns or very young babies, the ideal age is 2 years and above.

Family Photography Cube shoot

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