Unique, Fun Photography

Always pushing to challenge our skills

Ever had a great idea you'd like to photograph?

Due to increased work we've not been able to do the unique and random ideas we've always enjoyed doing, so to do more of these personal projects for our portfolio and to challenge us we're going to be offering one person/group/family the opportunity to create something unique and amazing with our help. There has to be a strong and unique idea which is so different from our normal day work that we stop in our tracks and go, WOW!!!!

One idea will be photographed for FREE

Simply tell us your idea/concept you think would be fun and creative and we'll consider it for the following month. That could be a creative portrait, a sports event, a unique idea or look that's unusual, be that cosplay, horror, music inspired, anything and everything will be considered.
We will not be offering cash, props purchase or remuneration for you ideas or participation in the idea. But, we will use whatever props we have here and will try to support ideas as much as possible.

In return we will supply you with up to 10 fully edited images as digital files for personal use and one 16x12" framed print when the editing is complete.

Simply complete the form below and you'll be considered for next month.

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