Our lifestyle and portrait sessions consist of an hour outdoor photography within 15 miles of Thetford, we are willing to travel further but this will need to be advised at booking.are based on an hour out on location and within a 15 mile radius of Thetford (we will travel further just need to know at booking).

Firstly what’s the difference with a lifestyle or portrait photography shoot? Well, it’s not that different but you’ll understand really easily in a second.

Lifestyle Photography is basically capturing life in a natural and genuine way, it’s particularly good for catching those candid photos which have lots of charm and natural beauty. This sort of photography is great for very young children that don’t have the attention span or understanding to pose and follow instructions, or for someone that’s just plan “camera shy”. We can capture those real moments when you’re interacting and playing, showing the natural you, having fun.

Portrait Photography is more formal and staged with proper lighting and backdrops. This requires more discipline from the subject to hold the pose and takes a little more confidence in front of the camera but we strive to make it a really fun and enjoyable experience. It’s really not as scary as you imagine, you will have a good time, and possibly a few laughs too.

Portraits generally happen indoors due to the lighting requirements but can certainly be done in natural light, with defusers and reflectors we can even do these in strong sunlight. For lifestyle pictures, we like to use natural light, so mostly outside or possibly in a light area, conservatories are good for this or rooms with large windows.

Both sets of shots can be done singularly or as a couple/family, there’s often a good atmosphere within large groups as there’s always something happening to make you laugh which produces those really lovely natural smiles.

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