Drone Photography

Our reputation for ground-based photography is well recognised now and one thing we’ve been repeatedly requested for is aerial photography. We would usually outsource this and have done, but never achieved the standards and safety considerations we’d expect to deliver ourselves. So, we’ve brought the task in-house and now providing individuals and commercial businesses access to the best pilots, with the highest safety standards.

We are currently undertaking Wedding Photography, Site Surveys, Property and Building Inspections, Insurance work and Property selling photography for clients using Purple Bricks, Yopa, Housesimple, Doorsteps, SellMyHome.co.uk etc. Our property offering like all our offers can easily be combined with our traditional photography for interior and exterior shots.


Photography is a big investment, in your trust for the big day and financial, and our reputation is to deliver high-quality images. Now that same goal is being brought to Aerial and UAV photography for your big day.

There are many benefits, least being that one provider can do both requests and should the weather prevent flying of a drone you get quality ground images instead, unlike many aerial photography providers. That combined with the willingness to share video content with your videographer gives us an offering not matched by others in the area.

Using a drone to compliment your traditional photography adds another viewpoint and gives your guests a surprise and creates more memories that you’ll treasure forever. How thrilling will it be to share birds-eye views of your big day with your friends and family and give your guests something to talk about for a long time.

All our Drone pilots have CAA approved PfCO certifications, risk assessments and full operation manuals which can be viewed prior to booking. A full flight plan specific to your particular job and location will be available prior to the work commencing to ensure all insurance requirements are satisfied. We take your safety and that of the operators and public as our number one priority and do everything possible to reduce opportunities for accidents.

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