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We're here to help you make your Product stand out

everything we do revolves around you and your product

We keep it simple to take the stress away from you

We don't like to complicate the process, our goal is to give you unequalled photography for your brand with minimal stress and complication.

It's your product, build your personal look

We'll work with you to develop the look you want to achieve for your products. Studio photography can be done in our large bright studio in Thetford or outdoors for fashion, cars, boats in their natural environment.

Whatever your ideas we'll be able to capture it in an artistic and creative way.

We have photographed everything from engagement rings to articulated lorries, we approach all projects exactly the same.

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Product photography

Your produce deserve the best, and so do your customers.

If you need to show your products to your customers, why settle for second best. Photographing products is a time-consuming and delicate process, requiring props and lighting, with a dash of editing to show the very best of your products.

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Yes, We’ve got a 21ft x 30ft studio in Thetford with level access to a loading bay. I can take any object that can go through a 6ft x 7ft doorway, either on a pallet or carried. We have a ceiling height of approx 12ft so plenty of height for overhead shots or high lighting set ups.

Yes, we have a seating area that’s got refreshments, power and free wifi and it overlooks the main studio area so lots of opportunity to be involved in the shoot and give feedback whilst being available online to work the day job.

Yes, I’ve been using Photoshop since the mid-ninties so have about 25 years of experience. Minor edits are within the cost, more intricate work will incur an additional cost but this will be discussed before undertaking.

Yes, not a problem, it’s a little more difficult because I won’t be able to bring all the items I have in the studio. If it’s purely product photography and you want the very best result it’s best done in the studio, but I can come to you if we’re doing a more extensive shoot but ultimately the studio is the place for this.

We work around the project demands as they happen. I’m an ex-agency person and willing to pull an all-nighter if it’s required. There is an additional cost for this, but subject to the terms we’re willing to have the images done and edited for you the next day.

I have been in the design and artworking industry for many years and got lots of friends still designing. I have provide all your images digitally so your teams, designers, marketeers, social media teams can download hi-res and lo-res images and use as they see fit. This can also be done via a password protected system so you can keep control of your images.

Yes, not a problem, I have access to a huge selection of models of all ages, genders etc. We’re happy to discuss all projects and contact models that fit your requirements. Once dates, terms and costs are agreed we’ll get everyone together to deliver a great shoot.

We have contacts with many great make-up artists and hair stylists, we’re always happy to get some sample photos to show their work before hiring.

contact us and discuss your Product and needs