It’s sometimes daunting having your first ever photo shoot, especially if it’s a gift for your partners birthday present and you’re pregnant, but it could be a great experience, so why not give it a go?

Bree took the plunge and called us for a shoot as a surprise for her partner and having now done the shoot, he really enjoyed.

Not the sort of present a roughty, toughty guy would usually request, but with a big birthday coming up and expecting a child any day it’s the perfect memento and a day to remember forever. Much better than a pint and socks (although the pint can be good), as a forever gift it beats most.

If you’re a little self-conscious or introverted it’s not that bad, we have a laugh, get to know what you’re likes are, and, chat and laugh all day. We try to make you forget you’re even being photographed, that way you smile naturally and we get better results and you enjoy so much more. (You’ll never know but it takes a lot to make it look and feel this natural).

That’s exactly what happened on Friday morning, over an hour of laughs, discussions, silliness and some great pictures for the memories of both and bump that’ll soon be joining them. A tentative couple on their first shoot, having fun and getting some really good memories to share.

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot. The entire shoot will be over 30 uniquely genuine pictures, and an A3 print to frame.

Diss Pregnant Couple

Diss Pregnant Couple

Diss Pregnant Couple Funny

Diss Pregnant Couple holding up bump

Diss Pregnant Couple

It’s lovely to see such a nice reaction to a couple of relaxed hours in the British summer (not sun, but it is British summertime after all).

Bree’s comment/review were…
“This was our first ever photo shoot so we were a little bit nervous. Neil put us at ease straight away, and I think this shows in the pictures he did for us. would definitely recommend and use again for when we have our little bundle.”

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