School Photography

School Photography when you hate the official one.

Visit the studio and get an alternative to the official school photo.

Buy a package right for you.

We aim to give you an alternative to buying the school’s official photograph

One 8"x6" & Two 6"x4" Photos
£ 20 One child or group, delivered in Card Strutt Frames
Three 8"X6"
£ 26 One child or group, delivered in Card Strutt Frames
Three 8"X6"
£ 39 3 separate children, delivered in Card Strutt Frames

We have been approached by a couple of families that have received there School Photos and not happy with they and they don’t want to lose this years image.

So, we have decided to offer a better service for a matching price. We currently have 3 packages but we’re happy to work on other offerings.

You’ll get 15mins in the studio per package and you can choose from the pictures taken to select the image you’re happy with. All packages are supplied in card strutt frames and clear fronted packaging, exactly as the school’s provide but with more options.

As this is such a new package we’ve not got any of our own sample images to demonstrate but you can be assured you’ll get nothing but our highest level of service.

School Photo

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