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Someone said it perfectly that memories made together last a lifetime, and a wedding is apparently the most special and memorable day in a person’s life. This is why everything should be so perfect on the wedding day, so as to look back on the day and cherish those memories forever.

One of the newest trends that soon-to-be-married couples are following these days is getting their wedding websites built. If you’ve not yet heard of a wedding website, then let me tell you that a wedding website is basically a website serving as a tool for wedding planning. They serve a variety of purposes for soon-to-get-married couples like adding their biographies, connecting with guests, inviting them, creating gifts list, creating photo and video gallery, adding updates for changes in plans and details, managing their guest list, adding extra information, providing maps, and profiling vendors, among other things.

There’s good reasoning behind this trend and why it’s so rapidly growing. It’s a trend set to continue and be followed. Here are a few of the benefits of a personalised website for your big day.

It lets you add your biography and how-you-met story

What better way to introduce yourselves to your guest list. Though the close relatives and guests would certainly know the couple personally, there still would be many who wouldn’t be that familiar with either the bride or the groom, or both. For such guests, the biography on the wedding website will help them know the couple a bit better.

It allows RSVP options

While developing wedding websites, we will make sure to integrate RSVP options in them, which allow guests to sign in to the website and update whether they are coming to your wedding or not, or also if they are yet to decide on it. This will eliminate the need to receive individual replies on invites through emails, which can get quite complicated and time-consuming. You wouldn’t want to look back and track your lengthy email threads in order to know who is making it to your wedding and who isn’t, would you? A nightmare surely!

Create an extensive photo and video gallery

No website, book, or a piece of content is complete without pictures. Pictures are fun, that are stories in themselves. You can use your wedding website to create a library containing all the photos and videos of your pre-wedding phase, engagement, wedding day, post-wedding phase, children, and even beyond.

Manage your guest list

Setting up a wedding guest list is very easy through your wedding website since there is no requirement of paperwork for managing the lengthy lists. The RSVP option in the website helps to know the status of how many guests are coming to the wedding, which results in better planning.

It’s easy for you to connect with your guests

Since a wedding website contains all the information at one place, it lets the guests access this information from any of their devices, and view the required information. Also with your wedding website, you can get your guests involved in your wedding process. You can add a personal touch to your website to get them excited for the wedding, which will ensure that they’ll spend a great time on the day. And after the wedding day, you can upload all the photos and videos on the website, of not only yourself but of your close guests also, for them to see. This way, you and your guests can be better connected via your wedding website.

Update everyone on last-minute changes in your plans

When organising weddings, small changes are practically unavoidable, and continuously take place. Since there are a countless number of small things and details constantly changing, you definitely wouldn’t want to get stuck in calling or emailing your guests individually to update them on the changes, would you? But if you have your wedding website, oh what a relief would it be! You can easily add and update information in minutes to notify your complete guest list of the changes. If there is a particular section or information that you are yet to finalize, you can just add a ‘coming soon’ note to that section, and update it as soon as it gets finalized. How cool is that!

Locations and venues

As a guest, it’s a constant pain that in this day and age we get sent a map to find some out of the norm location or wedding venue. Finding it or parking is a constant worry, who wants to be late for a friends big day?

With a wedding website, you can incorporate a Google map with the location which can then be accessed via a mobile phone, the ultimate Sat Nav whether walking or driving they can be assured to get there on time and without the worry of getting lost.

Save time and money

The RSVP tool in your wedding website will save a tremendous amount of time in your planning time. Not only this, but it helps save a lot of costs involved, like printing costs of the wedding invitations, postage stamps, RSVP cards, direction maps, etc.

Provides that extra information

A wedding website can provide the extra information that many guests might be looking for, like what time the ceremony will start, what gift should they get for the couple and possibly a link to retailers or items on that list, what to wear (if its a theme wedding), etc.

If you’d like it as a guest why not make your day even more relaxed with all this information available at yours and their fingertips 24/7.

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