Top Ten Tips for choosing the right wedding photographer

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I thought I’d share with you a list of top tips I compiled for a blogger friend last year. They still have merit and worth discussing with your future photographer if you’re not coming to us.

Here are our top 10 tips for picking the right photographer for your wedding.

1. Firstly, go online and agree with your partner what style of wedding photography you want.. Search PinterestInstagram, websites etc and collect a mood board of images you like and would feel proud to show your friends and family. Remember, you will want to be happy to look at your wedding photos in 50 years time.

2. Print out your images and stick them to a big board as a talking point for all your wedding plans.

3. Decide on what you really want from your day. Is there a special location, person, group, theme or list of photos you really want? Ask your friends for recommendations of photographers they have used before to begin a shortlist and add some of your own finds. They don’t have to specialise in weddings. View their portfolio (usually online) and ensure their style fits with your plans for the day, i.e. formal, casual, quirky etc

4. Look through your local/preferred photographers, check their reviews and social media accounts to see if they are right for your vision. Set a meeting to discuss your plans and mood board with your photographer of choice, most colours or filters can be easily changed but look at the compositions and way of working. They should be able to contribute to your plan but not overly control your ideas, most good photographers have a brochure which outlines how they work.

5. Discuss, style, the quantity of the images you’ll receive, how you will receive your images (disk, online, printed or in traditional albums), their plans for how a day works, costs (especially the added extras outside your agreed plan) and the timescale for your proof prints, final prints etc to be returned.

6. Agree to have a pre-wedding shoot and run through. Your photographer should be willing to do a short shoot to run through your mood board and plan to ensure everything is understood. This also works to build a chemistry with your photographer and reduces nerves on the day.

7. Agree that on the day, your photographer will arrive in good time to allow for set up and introductions. They should be efficient and organised but not overtly intrusive unless required for the plan and pictures you’ve agreed.

8. Don’t feel obliged to book the first photographer you see, if you feel pressured they’re possibly the wrong person for you. Diaries do get full but don’t feel pressurised.

9. Before making your final booking do check that your photographer is insured if something goes wrong. It does happen, be assured your photographer is covered for errors of their actions.
All good photographers will have a standard plan for weddings to ensure they have everything covered. On booking, a full plan for your specific day should be prepared for you and given to you for review.

10. Keep in contact with your photographer, a good dialogue will help ensure your day is as you planned it. It will also alert you to any problems with your photographer.

We hope this helps you pick the right photographer for your day and if it’s not us you have the knowledge to sort the good from the bad.

We’d love to discuss your wedding plans with you. We can discuss your requirements and desired style. Please either phone us or complete the form, we can then help and advise you on who is best for you.


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