Scotland in February

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Loch Ness Nessie Scotland

As is the way with photographers there’s always a new challenge and another project to conquer. Half term saw that for me, with a visit to the snowy and blustery Scottish highlands.

There’s little chance of snow again in Norfolk and Suffolk, and even what we had this year hardly counts as snow but it’s a skill that is worth learning because one day you may just need it. So, with the camera bag full of equipment it was on the Easyjet flight to Inverness and the rolling countryside of Scotland.

After an early start and 7am flight to Inverness, it’s a welcome sight to see blue skies and snow in the distance. Luckily down at sea level, there was little snow and the first stop at Loch Ness was a pleasure.

I’d always know that Loch Ness was a large body of water and one of the deepest inland waters in the UK but, that is nothing until you see it in all its glory. Nessie could easily hide in this place, very spooky to glimpse into those dark waters.