Passport Photography

Thetford Photography can now provide Passport pictures as a service, either as digital files or printed images for signing by your solicitor, bank manager, school teacher or other accepted person.

We provide the ability to retake multiple images and choose the one you’ll be proud of whilst still ensuring it meets the criteria of the HM Passport Office guidelines… GOV.UK Passport Photos

Passport photography Thetford Studio 5 min
Passport photography for all ages, done in our Thetford Studio 5 to 10min is all it takes

Get help to have a passport photo which you can be proud of, we work with you to get a picture that shows you at your best, giving you the freedom to review and retake before submitting for final print or submission.

We will also undertake passport photos for young children and give you a tailored, unrushed service to get that perfect photo.

Call 07958 183063 to book an appointment 7 days a week.