Passport photography for first client

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Today we’ve delivered our first client’s passport photography.

We’ve done our own passport photos for years but it’s a service which hasn’t been a big focus due to the setup and styling needed.

Due to having the new studio in our Thetford town centre studio, we can now offer passport pictures with the highest levels of lighting and service which you can now be proud of showing. We still have to follow the HM Passport Office guidelines but with good lighting and pleasurable experience, the picture can give a better representation of you as a person.

So, our first client will receive their children’s pictures that will last for 5 years (maximum time for children) and had fun doing this normally most mundane of photography experiences.

Happy holidays for them and they’ll be returning in 5 years with some great experiences and holidays under their belt.

Don’t do boring, do fun, even when most would consider it to be the only way. Book your passport photography by calling 07958 183063