A take on an Australian look shoot

Red dress in the dry meadow fashion portraits

The grass is so dry it looks like the Australian outback. Due to the weather conditions at this time of year and the exceptionally dry conditions, the look seemed to fit perfectly. The strong red colour contrasted perfectly with the intense yellows of the surrounding grasses. I hope you agree that Laura rocked this shoot. […]

Floral meets architectural

North Norfolk Country Home Architectural photography

A week before the drought (fantastic and dry weather) happened I got to spend a couple of hours enjoying the lush greenery of the North Norfolk countryside. What was a relaxing day may have turned into the last green and lush day before the dry weather really set in? Some beautiful flowers which will have disappeared […]

Black prom dress

Prom Dress photography

With Prom season upon us, it was perfect time to shoot a Prom dress shoot. Taken a week ago in the Suffolk countryside, this was the perfect location to look stunning and show off that dream dress. As you can see you don’t need to have the tradition “Prom look” photography and if it’s taken […]

The Only Way Is Essex star and model

TOWIE model portrait photography

Every now and then things happen that are unexpected. I arranged a shoot with Serena for some portrait shots for herself but when I arrived and we had completed our shoot we got chatting. That’s not abnormal but when we chatted she explained she was in “The Only Way Is Essex”, not a show I’m […]

A very hairy coat

Hair coat in the summer sunshine portrait thetford photography

Having got on so well with Saria in the Elf and Alternative shoot we couldn’t leave it at that. Saria had a few more looks to capture and the weather was good so we took a while to shoot. She wanted to shoot with her hairiest coat, even though it was exceptionally warm. The finished […]

Striving for greater success

Today is a landmark moment, we’ve been quietly growing our reputation within the community and moving forwards towards making a big impact in the market. But, today was a milestone, after setting up with hundreds and hundreds of business cards we’ve had to reorder. Not the biggest news for some, but for us, it’s showing […]

Portfolio shoot for Laura new Bury St Edmunds model

A couple of weeks ago we got an enquiry from Laura about doing a shoot to help increase her modelling portfolio and of course, we’d like to get involved. Getting started is tough and we’re still driving to build our reputation too, if someone approaches us to undertake a project we’ll certainly help. So, we […]

Weeping Willow food photography

Food photography strawberry suffolk pub

Sometimes the planets align and visiting the Weeping Willow was one of those occasions, the location for another shoot turned into a food photography opportunity. The Weeping Willow is a beautifully restored village pub in the village of Barrow near Bury St Edmunds, recent renovated and tastefully modernised. The building work is outstanding and the […]

Legacy Streetwear second season shoot

Legacy Streetwear Fashion Thetford

It great to do a good job but to do it well enough for the client to come back again, that’s rewarding. So, season two is here and the new range of streetwear is available to purchase. A few of the catalogue range shots we produced over a couple of hours around town. Some great locations […]

8 days old and doing her first photo shoot

Newborn Photos

You’re never too young to start a modelling career… if you’re as cute as a bug and want to be remembered forever this cute, then a baby shoot is your thing. My youngest and potentially cutest model so far had a wonderful shoot on Friday. I was surprised to discover that she didn’t like the […]