New studio 5 weeks on

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It’s been a weird and surreal 5 weeks, taking on a new studio in Thetford moving to a new studio which is bigger and better equipped than the last, only to see that same studio 5 weeks on empty and little used.

The last family shoot taken before we temporarily closed doors due to the COVID-19 lockdown

I have to be grateful that I can work from home, doing editing, reviewing systems and procedures to be able to improve the offering when we come back out of lockdown, but it’s still unnatural.

Photography is one of those activities that shows it’s real value to people in a time of crisis like this, having beautiful memories is amazing, but if getting those risks your life and those around you it’s possibly a bit unjustified. As we all carry a reasonable phone which takes photos of decent quality they’ll suffice in these times. Having the added benefit of lighting, theory, composition and artistic flare do not justify the risk to anyone, especially considering the great work carers and healthcare are doing to protect and save everyone.

So, with this superb studio 5 weeks in and sitting empty seems a waste but it’ll be there when we come out the other side, hopefully, more grounded on the real worth of people, appreciating our amazing carers, healthcare professionals, delivery drivers and shop workers more and we previously have footballers and celebrities, giving credit and respect where it’s due.

Family is all-important, more fragile than ever and those phone snaps will be there forever, and I hope experiences will become the new currency where being together, having fun and enjoying those people you care about will get more priority and emotional value following this period of uncertainty.

I know from experience taking that last photo of someone dear before they are lost forever means so much. Before mainstream photography having pictures where invaluable and a reason to get together, dress up, make an occasion of a family portrait and cherish the resulting picture forever. I hope after all this pain we learn to hold make times to be together and cherish them as much as our relatives did all those years ago.

As for the studio 5 weeks on, it remains mothballed for now but ready to make those memories all over again, very soon open to all again for it’s intended use, to make people happy. We will be making new memories again, be is indoors, on location or at a wedding or an event, I’m waiting to go again with an even greater passion to help us remember what’s good to hold on to.

I hope to see you all again soon, from Norfolk to Essex, Suffolk to Cambridgeshire and further afield too, when we’re out the other side, I hope we can start making great memories again.