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This is a subject few want to discuss but it’s something every girl wants but few want to admit to.

Everyone looks at the glossy magazines and wishes they looked as good as the models on the cover. Well, the realism is, so do a lot of the models.

There’s a big set up at every photo shoot with Make Up Artists, Stylists, Hair Stylists, Dressers, Nail Technicians, Photographer(s), Assistants, Caterers and a myriad of others assistants and sidekicks. Then, when the pictures are taken, the best version is picked and the real fine tuning takes place. An editor might take anything up to a couple of days working on one image to nip and tuck, smooth and adjust, just to get that perfect image.

Now, don’t be disheartened we all have our issues, some physical and others mental but there’s something in everyone that they would like adjusted, not improved, just tweaked.

Smoother skin, scar removed, spot deleted, and even to greater extremes but it’s all possible.

If you want that truly beautiful picture that is your dream image, something you want to treasure forever then don’t be afraid to ask. It’s your money, your dream we’re here to fulfil your desires. But, don’t just get any photographer, you need one that has the skills to give you that dream.

Ask the right questions because once you’ve done the shoot, many photographers don’t have the skills to do the final steps and give you your dream.

Here’s one of our editing examples that will highlight what could be done. Because of the strong light from this shoot and the angle at which it fell across the forehead, it highlighted the pores and minor imperfections in the skin. Nothing that takes away from a pretty face but enough to cause a concern. These are easily removed with a little editing to make the final image perfect.

This is not a major retouching exercise but a natural finishing of the photography process and one you should ask for if you feel it would complete your images. You deserve the best and should expect it.


We’re happy to undertake any project, even if it’s shot by another photographer, although our direct work will always take priority.