Covesea Skerries Lighthouse

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After getting a potential promise of a VIP entrance into the lighthouse and the views from above who wouldn’t take a detour to visit.

Even without the access to the top it was a beautiful location and a stunning building.

A little history from Wikidepia… “Following a storm in the Moray Firth in November 1826 when 16 vessels were sunk, applications were made for lighthouses at Tarbat Ness, on the opposite coast, and at Covesea Skerries. The Commissioners of Northern Light Houses (the precursor of the NLB) and Trinity House felt that a lighthouse at Covesea was unnecessary but this was against public opinion. Many letters and petitions were delivered to them. Eventually, the engineer and a committee of the Board surveyed the coastline and the Elder Brethren were asked to look for the best location. They recommended a lighthouse on the Craighead with a beacon on Halliman’s Skerries, which the Commissioners agreed to. A gridiron tower was erected on the Halliman’s Skerries in 1845, and in 1846, the Covesea Skerries Lighthouse was completed at a cost of £11,514 (equivalent to £1,023,259 as of 2016).”

Website for the lighthouse:- Covesea Skerries Lighthouse

Wikipedia page for the lighthouse and full details:- Wikipedia link

Covesea Lighthouse near Lossiemouth, Scotland

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A beautiful location for a walk and a superb cafe near the golf course and road with lots of parking. Check out Aroma if you’re near there.