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Brettenham Church Norfolk Photography

There are a few times when you’re driving through the beautiful Norfolk countryside and you see something which stops you in your tracks. That was what happened on a drive back from a clients shoot.

For some strange reason, I decided to take a different route through the back roads. One of those fortuitous decisions which make your day.

Rounding the corner I catch this sight in front of me with the sun shining on the side and this little church shone against the mood clouds whistling past in the distance.

After a couple of seconds questioning if I wanted to face the fury of a February storm I had to stop and prep.

The window for photography was small, basically between clouds where the sun got a chance to shine through, usually for less than a minute in every 5-10mins of dull lighting.

Brettenham Church Norfolk in the winter sunshine with moody clouds

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Brettenham Church, Thetford Norfolk Storm clouds sun


The results were worth the cold and wait. Norfolk’s countryside and architecture is worth the wait.



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