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Ipswich, Suffolk wedding photographs

At the end of January, I had the great pleasure of shooting the wedding of Steven and Alyson a wonderful couple that lit up the room with their warmth and charm. A wonderful couple and some of the best clients a photographer could ask for.

They had a small and intimate ceremony in Ipswich with a short photography session at Chantry Park. It gave some great opportunities to shoot low key, relaxed photos. Alyson wasn’t a keen model and nerves could easily have got the better of her in posed photos, but we both agreed candid, discreet photos wouldn’t get her attention and allow her to relax and enjoy her day. A style which really suits a friendlier, cosy ceremony.

The day was a huge success and the photos brought a tear to the eye of our bride, which is always the intention (especially if a tear of joy).

The day resulted in around 600 photos covering the groom and best man before, with guests, the arrival of the bride, ceremony and meal, then culminating with the evening and entertainment and disco.

First dance at the wedding reception

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First dance at the wedding reception in Ipswich Holiday Inn, Wedding


To show all the photographs of the wedding would be too much for this small post but can be shown to potential brides wanting to book a wedding.

The resulting photos will be used in their video and put together into a photo book for them to keep and treasure.


There’s something really rewarding and special to see your wedding pictures in a hardback book. It makes them even more special, something to treasure and hold. In a world of disposable images with Instagram, Facebook etc sharing images to the masses and then all too quickly moved on, it’s truly enjoyable to have them on paper and available at any time to share with loved ones and friends.

You’d be surprised how affordable they are, starting from under £100 and expandable to hundreds of pages with as many pictures as you’d like.

It was a great day in Ipswich and a lovely wedding, a day I’ll always remember and look back on fondly.

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