When the camera has finished and the editing completed, where to now?

The options don’t stop at the website, prints and canvases. There’s a multitude of other options open to you.

We take those pictures and design leaflets, advertising and exhibition stands. We have over 27 years in graphic design and print, and more recently developed websites and online activities for our clients.

Our newest product line is exhibition stands and displays, most notably printing onto fabric. We can now take those beautiful photos and incorporate them into your business better than ever before.



View some of the options below…


Display Stands consist of a strong, lightweight, aluminium frame and a stretchy printed fabric cover.

The aluminium frame features a simple ‘click together’ mechanism and each part is numbered for quick, straightforward assembly. The cover is printed on the front and reverse as standard and fits snugly over the frame. It is washable, and extra covers can be ordered separately.

These display stands give a superior presence at exhibitions and are ideal for permanent indoor office or studio props.

1.0 x 1.8m
Exact dimensions (mm) 1000(w) x 1890(h) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Frame + cover £229
Cover only £125

1.2 x 3.5m Exact dimensions (mm) 1200(w) x 3500(h) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Frame + cover £499
Cover only £309




Backdrops are made up of the same components as display stands but offer a much larger display area.

They are perfect for defining an exhibition area, or to section off a large room. They use one continuous graphic which means they completely eliminate the problem of visible join lines commonly encountered on the traditional multi-panel exhibition backdrops.

Both the front and the reverse of the backdrops can be printed, giving more room for a promotional message and increasing their functionality.

All backdrops are supplied with a carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

2.3 x 3m Exact dimensions (mm) 2300(h) x 2990(w) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Frame + cover £384
Cover only £299
Frame + cover £489
Cover only £365


2.3 x 3.0m Exact dimensions (mm): 2270(h) x 2900(w) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Frame + cover £415
Cover only £318
Frame + cover £519
Cover only £384



Brand new in the UK. Make a private meeting space in an office area or divide up open plan rooms with these huge Booths.

Fabric Booths are perfect for exhibitions – just rent a ‘space only’ stand, and use the booth to create an eye-catching one-piece, ready formed stand, printed on all sides.

Using the same construction method as display stands and backdrops, these booths can be quickly assembled in exhibition areas or open plan offices.

Choose between the small or large ‘C-shaped’, U-shaped, or the sloped booth.

All booths are supplied with a carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

2.3 x 3.0m Exact dimensions (mm) 1250-2300(h) x 3000(w) x 2000(d) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Frame + cover £995
Cover only £619

2.3 x 3.0m Exact dimensions (mm) 2300(h) x 2970(w) x 2000(d) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Frame + cover £995
Cover only £619

2.3 x 3.0m Exact dimensions (mm) 2300(h) x 2970(w) x 2500(d) 260gsm Stretch fabric Frame + cover £995
Cover only £619

1.8 x 2.4m Exact dimensions (mm) 1800(h) x 2400(w) x 2000(d) 260gsm Stretch fabric Frame + cover £795
Cover only £499



When exhibiting or running a promotion, it’s essential to have a surface to rest a laptop, paperwork, pens or drinks on.

Fabric Tables provide that useful platform whilst promoting a brand, product or service at the same time.

Seating cubes, Deck Chairs and Beanbags provide fun, informal seating areas at exhibitions or around the office.

Acoustic Screen covers can be slipped over free-standing room partitions to help reduce background noise.

1.3 x 1.3m Exact dimensions (mm) 1300(h) x 1300(w) 260gsm Tent fabric
Inner + cover £149
Cover only £99

0.9 x 0.4m Exact dimensions (mm) 910(h) x 400(w) x 510(d)
Seat height (mm): 630(h) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Can hold up 110kg
Chair + cover £159
Cover only £67

1.1 x 0.8m Exact dimensions (mm) 1100(h) x 800(diameter) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Table + cover £275
Cover only £148

0.5 x 1.0m Exact dimensions (mm) 580-860(h) x 590(w) x 1000(d) 260gsm Tent fabric Frame + seat £89
Cover only £58

0.4 x 0.4m Exact dimensions (mm) 360(h) x 360(w) x 360(d) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Removable lid reveals a useful storage area from £90


PARASOL 2.0 x 1.8m Exact dimensions (mm) 2000(h) x 1000(dia.) 260gsm Tent fabric Water filled base not included Pole + parasol £199
Base is optional extra +£20


0.9 x 0.9m Exact dimensions (mm) 855(h) x 855(w) x 855(d) 260gsm Stretch fabric
Table folds flat
Table + cover £189
Cover only £115



These standard sized table coverings are printed on 210gsm Display fabric. Printed in full colour, every inch can be personalised. Great for exhibitions, trade shows, school fairs and markets.

The Table Runner is designed to reach just above the floor either side of a 5ft or 6ft trestle table.

The Tablecloths are designed to reach to the floor at the front and sides of a standard 5ft or 6ft trestle table with a 30cm overhang at the back to allow for access to storage or for legs to fit behind.

1.8 x 2.8m Exact dimensions (mm) 2800(h) x 1800(w)
To fit a 6ft trestle table: 1800(l) x 750(w) x 740(h)
Table not included £89




These fabric boxes feature a metal frame, into which a silicone edged fabric graphic can be attached. The graphic extends right to the edge of the frame – giving a large uninterrupted display area.

Wall boxes attach directly to a wall, and Lightboxes are free standing. Lightboxes feature a row of LED lights inside the frame which illuminates the image from behind.

Lightboxes are double sided, so you can have a different graphic on each side.

Various sizes available 165gsm backlit fabric
Double sided from £1,371



These Barrier Covers allow you to brand any event or place of work whilst. Printed in full colour, every inch can be personalised.

Great for sporting events, building sites, music events and festivals. Printed in full colour, one side on 100gsm Vent fabric.

Includes: • Eyelets around the perimeter
Optional extras: • Cable ties

1.0 x 1.6-2.1m Exact dimensions (mm) 1000(h) x 1600 – 2100(w)
100gsm Vent Fabric or 260gsm Tent fabric from £219

0.9 x 3.7m Exact dimensions (mm) 940(h) x 3760(w)
3 section windbreak + 4 wooden poles Printed one side on 285gsm waterproof ‘‘Tent’ Fabric’ from £115



Gazebos are a versatile product. They provide abundant promotional space as well as shelter at outdoor events.

Choose your canopy style, either black unprinted, black unprinted with a personalised fascia, or a fully printed canopy. Then, add half height or full height walls.

Includes: • Aluminium frame, pegs & guide rope • Canopy (choice of three) • Carry case
Optional extras: • Full back wall, with single or • double-sided print • Half side wall, with single or • double-sided print

 As illustrated from £835

3.0 x 3.0m Exact dimensions (mm) Various(h) x 3000(w) x 3000(d) Gazebo can be used at different heights Structure height range: 3.2-3.5m, Headroom range: 1.89-2.19m
Frame + black canopy £283
Frame + black canopy + printed fascia £337 
Frame + printed canopy £698
Optional extras
Half height wall from £146
Full height wall from £137



These Pop Out Banners are easy to put up with their ‘pop out’ construction method. Just release it from the carry bag and watch as it assembles itself in an instant.

Great for outdoor or indoor events. Choose between the 100gsm Flag fabric or the thicker 210gsm Display fabric.

Includes: • 2 single sided graphic panels attached to a spring frame • Carry bag • Eyelet tabs • 6 x ground pegs

1.8 x 1.0m Exact dimensions (mm) 1840(h) x 1050(w) Graphic is attached to a metal sprung frame Also available in 210gsm Display fabric
from £169



Choose the right Flag for the promotional message — or opt for one of the Backpack Flags to take messages on the move.

Standing Flags Include: • Single sided graphic printed on 100gsm Flag fabric • Flag pole • Carry bag

Optional extras: • Double-sided graphic with blackout divider to restrict show-through • Metal cross base • Ground spike base • ‘Rubber ring’ water base • Wall mounted base • Water filled base • Square base

3.6m Exact dimensions (mm) Graphic 3000(h) x 700(w) Assembled height 3720 100gsm Flag fabric Also available in 100gsm Vent fabric
These standing flags are suitable outdoors in winds of up to 15mph.
Pole + flag £85
Flag only £53

2.7m Exact dimensions (mm) Graphic 2400(h) x 1040(w) Assembled height 2960 100gsm Flag fabric Also available in 100gsm Vent fabric
Pole + flag £99
Flag only £67



The fabric substrates are also available in a ‘raw’ (unfinished) state.

These fabrics can be purchased by the metre and can be used for a number of different applications.

You can use Raw Fabric to create your own curtains, table drapes, seating and cushion covers, beanbags, deck chairs, street furniture – anything you want!

Optional extras: • Stitched seams • Eyelets • Silicone edging

Prices on request



Banners are printed on a 440gsm PVC substrate using latex inks which gives them a scratch, UV and water resistant finish.

The banners have welded hems and can be eyeleted — perfect for long-term outdoor promotions.

Available in a range of sizes.

Optional extras: • Eyelets • Cable ties

Prices from £22.50



These portable Roller Banners are ideal for exhibitions and permanent indoor displays.

Choose either an indoor or a waterproof outdoor version depending on where it will be used.

2 X 0.8M Exact dimensions (mm) 2070(h) x 820(w) Two swing out feet Fixed height
Stand + poster from £66.60



Compliment your exhibition area with Posters. Various sizes and styles available. Ask us which ones will work best for you.



View a selection of our canvas prints here
Bespoke sizes from our or your own photography.
Prices from £25.00

Canvas prints Thetford photography bespoke
Bespoke canvas prints created from your shoot



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